Cash and voucher assistance

Giving cash to people affected by disasters is an effective, efficient and transparent way of providing humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable. It ensures people have the freedom, dignity and independence to decide on their own recovery.

Our work

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is a world leader in cash and voucher assistance. We are committed to delivering 50% of our humanitarian assistance through cash and vouchers by 2025.

Dignity and choice

We believe people affected by crises should be at the centre of humanitarian response and be supported to recover with dignity.

Cash assistance helps people to prepare, prioritize and take care of their families based on their own preferences and decisions. It supports them to address a wide range of needs such as rent and food, as well as education and healthcare costs.

All of our work on cash is based on strong community engagement so we respond directly to people’s needs.


We champion an approach that is as local as possible, as international as necessary.

Our 192 member Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies are often the first to respond in an emergency. By helping them to improve their ability to deliver cash, we are reaching more people, more quickly, with more appropriate forms of aid.

Working together

The IFRC works closely with other humanitarian organizations, governments, academia and the private sector to improve cash programming. This includes working towards collective goals and commitments on cash.

Find out more about our overall approach to cash here.

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Volunteers from Madagascar Red Cross distribute cash assistance to communities affected by drought and food insecurity in the south of the country to help them feed their families

Cash in emergencies

A Kenyan Red Cross volunteer helps a community in Turkana affected by drought and conflict to access emergency cash assistance via mobile phone

Cash innovation and information management

A woman withdraws money, which she receives as part of a large cash assistance programme in Turkey, from an ATM machine.

Cash policy and coordination


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