Guidance for National Society Statutes

To deliver sustained, relevant and principled humanitarian action, National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies need a strong statutory or constitutional base fit for the 21st century. 

About the guidance

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has produced guidance to help National Societies develop, review and revise their statutes.

Sound and comprehensive statutes increase a National Society's efficiency and ability to adapt to changing humanitarian needs and contexts. They represent a key condition for preserving a National Society's integrity and help them to perform their roles effectively and maintain the quality and reach of their humanitarian services.

They also serve to strengthen the ability of National Societies to act at all times in accordance with the Movement’s mission and Fundamental Principles.

The Guidance for National Society Statutes is a key resource to support National Societies to put in place strong and modern statutory or constitutional base texts. It provides flexible and customizable approaches that allow them to choose solutions they can adapt to their national legal, cultural and operational contexts.

Joint Statutes Commission

The Joint ICRC/IFRC Statutes Commission (Joint Statutes Commission or JSC) serves to advise and support National Societies in strengthening their statutory and legal base. It helps ensure they can work effectively and adhere at all times to our Fundamental Principles.

The JSC is entrusted to:

  • Make recommendations on the statutory and legal base frameworks of National Societies. This includes assessing the compliance of draft statutes with the minimum standards outlined in the Guidance document, as well as the compliance of draft laws/decrees with the minimum elements contained in the Model law on the recognition of National Societies
  • Assess applications by new National Societies for recognition by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as components of the Movement and for admission to the IFRC

You can learn more about the origins, mandate and role of the JSC in the documents below. National Societies can also find more information about the JSC on Fednet.

Get in touch

For further information and any questions regarding revision of your National Society’s Statutes or other regulatory documents, standards and use of the Guidance document or to reach out to the Joint Statutes Commission please email [email protected]

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