Volunteer with us

You have the power to make a real difference in your community and support those in greatest need. By joining your local Red Cross or Red Crescent Society, you can save lives and change minds. Get involved today!

About volunteering

Becoming a volunteer isn’t just about giving back to your community. It’s also about learning new skills, making lifelong friends and being a part of the world’s biggest humanitarian network striving for a safe and peaceful world.

To volunteer as part of our network, find your local Red Cross or Red Crescent Society by following the link below. You will discover the individual website for your National Society which will contain details on how to register as a volunteer in your country.

The IFRC secretariat itself does not recruit volunteers. Rather, we support and coordinate the work of our 191 National Societies and the more than 16 million Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers registered with them.

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