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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Orig. type Date
DR Congo - Floods in Kinshasa (MDRCD039) Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The MDRCD039 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRCD039du1 28/04/2023
Zimbabwe - Food Insecurity (MDRZW016) Zimbabwe MDRZW016 Food Insecurity DREF Operation Final Report MDRZW016drf 28/04/2023
Honduras - Floods (MDRHN016) Honduras MDRHN016 Flood DREF Operation Final Report MDRHN016fr 28/04/2023
India - Assam Floods (MDRIN027) India MDRIN027 Flood DREF Operation Final Report MDRIN027_Final Report_published 28/04/2023
Egypt - Population Movement 2023 (MDREG020) Egypt MDREG020 Population Movement DREF Operation MDREG020do 27/04/2023
Chad - Pop. Movement 2023 (MDRTD022) Chad MDRTD022 Population Movement DREF Operation MDRTD022do 26/04/2023
Equatorial Guinea - Explosions in Bata (MDRGQ002) Equatorial Guinea MDRGQ002 All other disaster and emergencies DREF Operation Final Report MDRGQ002dfr 26/04/2023
Ukraine and impacted countries crisis (MGR65002) Hungary MGR65002 Population Movement Operational strategy MGR65002_Lithuania_NS_Response_Plan 26/04/2023
Turkiye - Earthquake (MDRTR004) Turkey MDRTR004 Earthquake Operations Update MDRTR004ou2 22/04/2023
Sudan - Africa Complex Emergency (MDRSD033) Sudan MDRSD033 Complex Emergency DREF Operation MDRSD033do 21/04/2023
Syria - Earthquake (MDRSY009) Syrian Arab Republic MDRSY009 Earthquake Operations Update MDRSY009ou1 20/04/2023
Colombia - Election Preparedness (MDRCO020) Colombia MDRCO020 Civil Unrest DREF Operation Final Report MDRCO020fr 19/04/2023