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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Orig. type Date
Comoros - Cholera Response (MDRKM011) Comoros MDRKM011 Epidemic DREF Operation Update MDRKM011du1
Madagascar - Heavy Rains and Tropical Storm (MDRMG018) Madagascar MDRMG018 Pluvial/Flash Flood Final Report MDRMG018efr
Ecuador - Floods + Earthquake (MDREC021) Ecuador MDREC021 Flood DREF Operation Final Report MDREC021fr
Costa Rica 2024 Unified Plan (UPL-2024-MAACR002) Costa Rica UPL-2024-MAACR002 - IFRC Network Plan Costa Rica_INP_2024
Dominican Republic (UPL-2024-MAADO002) Dominican Republic UPL-2024-MAADO002 - IFRC Network Plan Latin Caribbean _INP_2024
Honduras - Fire (MDRHN022) Honduras MDRHN022 Fire DREF Operation MDRHN022do
Cuba 2024 Unified Plan (UPL-2024-MAACU003) Cuba UPL-2024-MAACU003 - IFRC Network Plan Latin Caribbean _INP_2024
Tanzania - Floods (MDRTZ035) Tanzania, United Republic Of MDRTZ035 Flood Emergency Appeal Revision MDRTZ035rea
Morocco - Earthquake (MDRMA010) Morocco MDRMA010 Earthquake Operations Update MDRMA010OU3
Fiji - Cyclone Mal (MDRFJ007) Fiji MDRFJ007 Cyclone DREF Operation Final Report MDRFJ007
Gabon 2024 Unified Plan (UPL-2024-MAAGA002) Gabon UPL-2024-MAAGA002 - IFRC Network Plan Gabon_INP_2024
Sao Tome and Principe 2024 Unified Plan (UPL-2024-MAAST002) Sao Tome And Principe UPL-2024-MAAST002 - IFRC Network Plan Sao Tome and Principe_INP_2024