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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Orig. type Date
Vanuatu - Cyclone Lola (MDRVU011) Vanuatu MDRVU011 - Contributions List Donor Response 27/10/2023
Colombia - Population Movement (MDRCO014) Colombia MDRCO014 Population Movement Final Report MDRCO014fr 26/10/2023
Armenia - Population Movement (MDRAM012) Armenia MDRAM012 Population Movement Operational strategy MDRAM012os 26/10/2023
Lebanon - Civil Unrest (MDRLB014) Lebanon MDRLB014 Civil Unrest DREF Operation MDRLB014do 25/10/2023
Cameroon - Landslide (MDRCM036) Cameroon MDRCM036 Landslide DREF Operation MDRCM036do 23/10/2023
Pakistan - Monsoon Floods (MDRPK023) Pakistan MDRPK023 Pluvial/Flash Flood 12 month update MDRPK023OU5 23/10/2023
Myanmar - Flood (MDRMM019) Myanmar MDRMM019 Flood DREF Operation MDRMM019do 22/10/2023
Costa Rica - Dengue (MDRCR023) Costa Rica MDRCR023 Dengue DREF Operation MDRCR023do 20/10/2023
Haiti - Floods June 2023 (MDRHT020) Haiti MDRHT020 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRHT020ou1 20/10/2023
Middle East -Complex Emergency Crisis- (MDRS5002) Lebanon MDRS5002 Complex Emergency Emergency Appeal MDRS5002EA 20/10/2023
Sri Lanka - Flood (MDRLK018) Sri Lanka MDRLK018 Flood DREF Operation MDRLK018do 20/10/2023
Sudan Crisis Regional Population Movement (MDRS1001) Kenya MDRS1001 Population Movement Operations Update MDRS1001eu2 19/10/2023