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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Orig. type Date
Mexico - Hurricane (MDRMX005) Mexico MDRMX005 Cyclone DREF Operation MDRMX005 10/11/2023
Kenya - Floods (EAP2021KE01) (MDRKE053) Kenya MDRKE053 Flood DREF/EAP Activation MDRKE053dea 10/11/2023
Vanuatu - Cyclone Lola (MDRVU011) Vanuatu MDRVU011 Cyclone Operational strategy MDRVU011OS_Cyclone Lola 10/11/2023
Zimbabwe - Cholera Outbreak (MDRZW021) Zimbabwe MDRZW021 - Contributions List Donor Response 10/11/2023
Afghanistan - Humanitarian Crises (MDRAF007) Afghanistan MDRAF007 Complex Emergency Operational strategy MDRAF007OS_Herat Earthquake 10/11/2023
Egypt - Train Crash (MDREG016) Egypt MDREG016 Transport Accident DREF Operation Final Report MDREG016fr 09/11/2023
Nepal - Earthquake (MDRNP016) Nepal MDRNP016 Earthquake Emergency Appeal MDRNP016_EA 08/11/2023
Nepal - Earthquake (MDRNP016) Nepal MDRNP016 - Contributions List Donor Response 08/11/2023
Ghana - Floods (MDRGH018) Ghana MDRGH018 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRGH018ou1_1 08/11/2023
Ecuador - Volcanic Ash (MDREC024) Ecuador MDREC024 Volcanic Eruption DREF/EAP Summary EAP2023EC03 Summary 07/11/2023
Panama - Civil Unrest (MDRPA018) Panama MDRPA018 Civil Unrest DREF Operation MDRPA018 07/11/2023
Morocco - Earthquake (MDRMA010) Morocco MDRMA010 Earthquake Operational strategy MDRMA010OS 07/11/2023