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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Orig. type Date
Nepal - Earthquake (MDRNP016) Nepal MDRNP016 Earthquake DREF Operation MDRNP016do 06/11/2023
Yemen - Cyclone (MDRYE013) Yemen MDRYE013 Cyclone DREF Operation MDRYE013do 04/11/2023
Costa Rica - Floods EAP (MDRCR024) Costa Rica MDRCR024 Flood DREF/EAP Summary EAP2023CR02 Costa Rica Floods activation 04/11/2023
Benin - Population Movement (MDRBJ018) Benin MDRBJ018 Population Movement DREF Operation Update MDRBJ018ou1_ 03/11/2023
Haiti - Earthquake and Cholera (MDRHT018) Haiti MDRHT018 Earthquake Operations Update MDRHT018ou6 02/11/2023
Senegal - Floods in Dakar, Matam, Thies (MDRSN019) Senegal MDRSN019 Flood DREF Operation Final Report MDRSN019dfr 02/11/2023
Nigeria - Diphtheria Outbreak (MDRNG037) Nigeria MDRNG037 Epidemic Operational strategy MDRNG037os 02/11/2023
Bahamas - Hurricane Dorian (MDRBS003) Bahamas MDRBS003 Hurricane Final Report MDRBS003fr 01/11/2023
Zimbabwe - Cholera Outbreak (MDRZW021) Zimbabwe MDRZW021 Cholera DREF Operation Update MDRZW021du1 01/11/2023
Madagascar - Election Preparedness (MDRMG021) Madagascar MDRMG021 Other DREF Operation MDRMG021do 31/10/2023
South Africa - Floods and Landslides (MDRZA012) South Africa MDRZA012 Flood Operations Update MDRZA012eu1 31/10/2023
Chad - Floods (MDRTD021) Chad MDRTD021 Flood Operations Update MDRTD021eu1 31/10/2023