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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Orig. type Date
Kyrgyzstan - Floods (MDRKG019) Kyrgyzstan MDRKG019 Flood DREF Operation MDRKG019do
Afghanistan - Floods (MDRAF015) Afghanistan MDRAF015 Flood DREF Operation MDRAF015do
Bangladesh - Heatwave (MDRBD034) Bangladesh MDRBD034 Heat Wave DREF Operation MDRBD034do
South Africa - Storm Surge (MDRZA016) South Africa MDRZA016 Storm Surge DREF Operation Update MDRZA016du1
Iran - Flood (MDRIR014) Iran, Islamic Republic Of MDRIR014 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRIR014ou
Papua New Guinea 2024 Unified Plan (UPL-2024-MAAPG003) Papua New Guinea UPL-2024-MAAPG003 - IFRC Network Plan Papua New Guinea_INP_2024
Dominican Republic - Floods (MDRDO016) Dominican Republic MDRDO016 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRDO016ou1
India - Flood (MDRIN028) India MDRIN028 Flood DREF Operation Final Report MDRIN028dfr
Comoros - Volcanic Ash (EAP) (MDRKM012) Comoros MDRKM012 Volcanic Eruption DREF/EAP Summary MDRKM012seap
Tanzania - Floods (MDRTZ035) Tanzania, United Republic Of MDRTZ035 Flood Operations Update MDRTZ035ou3
Chile - Fires (MDRCL017) Chile MDRCL017 Fire DREF Operation Update MDRCL017ou1
Togo - Population Movement Savannah region (MDRTG010) Togo MDRTG010 Population Movement Operations Update MDRTG010ea_ou1 (1)