Maladies transmissibles

Les maladies transmissibles sont des maladies qui se propagent de personne à personne ou d'animal à humain. Découvrez ci-dessous les différentes maladies transmissibles et ce que l'IFRC et nos Sociétés nationales font pour maintenir les communautés du monde entier en bonne santé.

Découvrez les différents types de maladies transmissibles

An Italian Red Cross health volunteer helps transport a patient with suspected COVID-19 to hospital in Milan in March 2020.


Malawi Red Cross Society volunteers carry water from a borehole to a cholera treatment centre outside Mangochi in south-eastern Malawi in February 2023.

Le choléra

An IFRC safe and dignified burial team in the Democratic Republic of the Congo responds to an alert from a family who have lost a loved one due to a suspected case of Ebola.


A Mozambique Red Cross volunteer goes door to door in Praia Nova to speak to families about how to protect themselves from malaria

Le paludisme

The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, in partnership with the government, runs a supplementary measles immunization campaign for 6 weeks in December 2020

La Rougeole

Baphalali Eswatini Red Cross youth volunteers perform a drama to educate the community members of Mhlangatane about HIV/AIDS


An oral polio vaccine is administered to a child at a Syrian Arab Red Crescent dispensary in Homs

La Polio

Russian Red Cross volunteers conduct outreach in Bolgorad on World Tuberculosis Day to promote healthy lifestyles and help people protect themselves

La Tuberculose (TB)

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