Disaster Risk Management Policy

Disasters can have devastating impacts on individuals and communities. The frequency, complexity and severity of impacts are likely to increase in the future due to factors such as climate change, displacement, conflict, rapid and unplanned urbanization, technological hazards and public health emergencies.

This policy covers our approach to all kinds of disasters, in all contexts, including fragile, protracted and conflict situations, in both urban and rural areas. It promotes integrated approaches so that all stages of the disaster risk management continuum are considered together in a coherent way, replacing the previous IFRC policies on Disaster Preparedness (1999), Emergency Response (1997), Post-emergency Rehabilitation (1999) and Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development (2001).


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Disaster Risk Management Policy

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2020 World disasters report

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الإصدار الثاني -مُحدث ومراجع التوعية العامة وتثقيف المُجتَمَع للح...

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التقرير عن الكوارث في العالم 2018

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