Annual Report 2019

The IFRC supported National Societies in 2019 to respond to crises, reduce vulnerability and work with communities so that they can live healthier and more dignified lives. 2019 saw people displaced by armed conflict, violence, and natural disasters. Food insecurity in East and Southern

Africa and Central America affected almost 42 million people, and locusts in the East and Horn of Africa threatened the food security and livelihoods of an estimated 22 million people.

2019 was also a year of achievements. The ability of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to support local communities in the face of staggering need shows that their work is more needed and relevant than ever. This was also the year that the IFRC welcomed two new members – the Bhutan Red Cross Society and the Marshall Islands Red Cross Society – as part of the network.

The IFRC’s goal is to support the humanitarian and development work of all 192 member National Societies. It works through five regional offices and 50 Country or Cluster offices around the world to support National Societies in their programming and organizational development. The IFRC supports National Societies to become more efficient, effective, trusted, and accountable, so that they can help local communities become more resilient.

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