People in the Red Vest Podcast

When disaster strikes, the sight of someone wearing a red vest is a sign that help has arrived. In this podcast, you'll meet the People in the Red Vest: people from the Red Cross and Red Crescent who have dedicated their lives to helping others before, during and after emergencies. We talk to them about the world's biggest humanitarian crises, the solutions, and what inspires them to keep going.

About the host

Portrait of Sasa Gorisek

Aleksandra Saša Gorišek

Communications Director, IFRC

Saša has always had a passion for story-telling and talking with people at the heart of current events. She began her career as a radio and television reporter in her native Slovenia, producing stories for national and international outlets such as the BBC, Voice of America, and Pop TV. Before joining the IFRC in Geneva as its communications director in 2022, she worked for more than 20 years in various communications positions with the United Nations and the IAEA, both in Vienna and New York.