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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Orig. type Date
Pakistan - Flood (MDRPK025) Pakistan MDRPK025 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRPK025OU1
Colombia - Droughts (MDRCO025) Colombia MDRCO025 Drought DREF Operation Update MDRCO025ou1
Honduras - Dengue (MDRHN023) Honduras MDRHN023 Epidemic DREF Operation MDRHN023do
Armenia - Floods (MDRAM013) Armenia MDRAM013 - DREF Operation MDRAM013do
Botswana - Drought (MDRBW005) Botswana MDRBW005 Drought DREF Operation MDRBW005do
Belize - Fires (MDRBZ008) Belize MDRBZ008 Fire DREF Operation MDRBZ008do
Somalia - Floods (MDRSO018) Somalia MDRSO018 Flood DREF Operation MDRSO018do
Burundi - Floods and Landslides (MDRBI020) Burundi MDRBI020 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRBI020ou3
Ethiopia - Floods (MDRET035) Ethiopia MDRET035 Flood DREF Operation MDRET035do
Papua New Guinea - Landslide (MDRPG012) Papua New Guinea MDRPG012 Landslide DREF Operation MDRPG012_DREF
Ecuador - Security Crises (MDREC025) Ecuador MDREC025 Other DREF Operation Update MDREC025ou1
Afghanistan - Population Movement (MDRAF013) Afghanistan MDRAF013 Population Movement DREF Operation Update MDRAF013OU1