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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Date
Burkina Faso - Population Movement in Tougan (MDRBF016) Burkina Faso MDRBF016 Population Movement DREF Operation 06/12/2021
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Population Movement (MDRBA011) Bosnia And Herzegovina MDRBA011 Population Movement Operations Update 02/12/2021
Egypt - Aswan Floods (MDREG019) Egypt MDREG019 Pluvial/Flash Flood DREF Operation 02/12/2021
Croatia - Earthquake (MDRHR004) Croatia MDRHR004 Earthquake Operations Update 01/12/2021
Bangladesh - Cyclone Amphan (MDRBD024) Bangladesh MDRBD024 Cyclone Final Report 30/11/2021
Bangladesh - Impending Cyclone (MDRBD027) Bangladesh MDRBD027 Cyclone DREF Operation Final Report 30/11/2021
Philippines - Taal Volcano Eruption (MDRPH043) Philippines MDRPH043 Volcanic Eruption DREF Operation Final Report 30/11/2021
Tuvalu - Impending Drought (MDRTV002) Tuvalu MDRTV002 Drought DREF Operation Update 29/11/2021
DR Congo - EVD 13th Outbreak (MDRCD034) Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The MDRCD034 Epidemic DREF Operation Update 29/11/2021
Tigray Crisis - Population Movement (MDRTIGRAY) Africa MDRTIGRAY Population Movement Emergency Appeal Revision 29/11/2021
Afghanistan - Floods (MDRAF008) Afghanistan MDRAF008 Flood DREF Operation Update 29/11/2021
Malaysia - Floods (MDRMY006) Malaysia MDRMY006 Flood DREF Operation Final Report 27/11/2021
Iran - Hormozgan Earthquake (MDRIR007) Iran, Islamic Republic Of MDRIR007 Earthquake DREF Operation 26/11/2021
Bangladesh - Population Movement (MDRBD018) Bangladesh MDRBD018 Population Movement Operational strategy 25/11/2021
Costa Rica - Population Movement (MDRCR020) Costa Rica MDRCR020 Population Movement DREF Operation Update 24/11/2021
Pop. Movement - Belarus and Neighboring Countries (MGR65001) Hungary MGR65001 Population Movement Emergency Appeal 24/11/2021
Colombia - La Niña Phenomenon (MDRCO018) Colombia MDRCO018 Flood DREF Operation Final Report 23/11/2021
Sudan - Anticipatory Actions for Unrest (MDRSD030) Sudan MDRSD030 Civil Unrest DREF Operation Update 23/11/2021
Ecuador - Penitentiary Unrest (MDREC017) Ecuador MDREC017 Civil Unrest DREF Operation 22/11/2021
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Floods (MDRBA013) Bosnia And Herzegovina MDRBA013 Flood DREF Operation 22/11/2021