Middle East: Complex emergency crisis

The dramatic escalation of hostilities in Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories since October 7 has left millions of people living in fear, interrupted critical services that people rely on to survive, and left families on both sides grieving the loss of loved ones. The humanitarian needs are immense and the situation is expected to deteriorate as more people are displaced by the fighting. Through this Emergency Appeal, the IFRC and its membership will support the Lebanese Red Cross, Egyptian Red Crescent, Syrian Arab Red Crescent and Jordanian Red Crescent in preparing and strengthening their readiness and response. View the appeal document in Arabic here.

Top left: Egyptian Red Crescent volunteers responding to the floods in Aswan in southern Egypt. Top right: Jordan Red Crescent volunteers working to to register all refugees living outside the camps in order to distribute aid effectively and fairly in 2021., bottom left: Lebanese Red Cross volunteers distributing blankets and hygiene kits to 250 families at the a distribution point in Tripoli in Northern Lebanon. bottom right: Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers unload food, shelter items, hygiene kits.

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