Vanuatu: Cyclone Lola

Tropical Cyclone Lola made landfall on the eastern shores of Vanuatu’s Maewo and Pentecost islands on the night of 25 October as a category 4 storm with 205 km/hr winds. Heavy rainfalls with flash flooding were experienced over low-lying areas and close to riverbanks causing coastal flooding. It is estimated that approximately 200,000 people were exposed to the effect of the cyclone, with estimates of 150,000 people (30,000 Households) being more directly affected (close to half the country’s population). The IFRC and its membership are seeking CHF 2.5 million to support Vanuatu Red Cross Society to provide support to 30,000 people in need of assistance following the cyclone.

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Vanuatu Red Cross volunteer surveys the damage of Cyclone Lola. with a local resident.
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