IFRC launches CHF 18 million appeal for El Niño-induced flood relief in Kenya 

Kenya Red Cross volunteers wade through flood waters to reach out to communities marooned by the El Niño floods.

Kenya Red Cross volunteers wade through flood waters to reach out to communities marooned by the El Niño floods.

Photo: Kenya Red Cross Society

Nairobi/Geneva, 24 November 2023 — The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) have launched an emergency appeal for 18 million Swiss Francs. This fund is essential in supporting the response to the El Niño-enhanced floods that continue to impact Kenya.

Mohamed Babiker, IFRC Head of Delegation, Nairobi Country Cluster for Somalia and Kenya, said:

“The El Niño floods have triggered a major humanitarian crisis that is affecting millions of people. We are working closely with the Kenya Red Cross Society to provide emergency relief to those affected by the floods.”

Since early November, Kenya has faced severe flooding, leading to loss of lives, property damage, and a burgeoning humanitarian crisis. The heavy rains in the region have also affected countries such as Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, and Tanzania, necessitating a widescale humanitarian response.

Dr. Ahmed Idris, Secretary General, Kenya Red Cross Society, said:

“We are dealing with a situation where entire communities have either been submerged or marooned. Roads and other critical infrastructure have been cut off, disrupting the delivery of vital supplies. We need to urgently provide food, clean water and medical supplies to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe.”

The Kenya Red Cross Society’s response includes emergency shelter, psychosocial support, early warning dissemination, and supplying food and water to over 10,000 households. An initial IFRC allocation of CHF 749,939 has supported these efforts. The new Emergency Appeal will enable scaling up of life-saving activities, focusing on shelter, livelihoods, health, water, sanitation, and nutrition. 

The ongoing rains pose a continued threat, highlighting the need to augment the Kenya Floods Emergency Appeal efforts. 

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For more details, visit the Kenya Red Cross Society website and the IFRC appeal donation page. 

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