How to follow along as the IFRC makes urgent call for action during COP28 Climate Summit

A close up of the Reclaimed Table for Climate action on display at COP-28 in 2023.

A close up of the Reclaimed Table for Climate action on display at COP-28 in 2023.

Photo: IFRC

Two dozen people from IFRC offices and delegations around the world — including Secretary-General Jagan Chapagain and President Francesco Rocca — will join Red Cross and Red Crescent staff and volunteers in calling for urgent action at the COP 28 Climate Summit. 

At a variety of events, private meetings, press conferences and activities, the IFRC will join Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in urging world leaders to prioritize local action, increase financing to help communities adapt, scale-up early action, strengthen climate resilient health systems and to avert, minimize and address loss and damage due to climate-related events. 

Here below are just some of the actions the IFRC will be taking during the conference along with links to platforms where you can listen in, follow along and even engage.  

This page will be updated as the summit continues 

New report on the devastating humanitarian impacts of climate change 

Along with the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the IFRC will be launching a report on 3 December​ focusing on current humanitarian impacts of the climate crisis ​and the scenarios for the future if action is not taken and humanity does not change course. 

The report looks at the implications of what’s known as ‘climate overshoot’ – a world that is, more than the 1.5 degrees warmer than it would have been without climate change. That world would include far worse flooding, droughts, crop failure, wildfires and heatwaves than is already happening. It will also highlight the fact aht the impacts will not be equally  distributed as some regions will get even higher temperature averages, while many areas will experience multiple hazards compounding upon one another.   

Promoting youth-led climate solutions 

The big six youth organizations, including IFRC, will join forces to promote youth-led solutions to the climate crisis. Together we will host an event showcasing the importance of youth involvement. 

Linked to this announcement will be a LinkedIn conversation with youth leaders on 4 December, at the IFRC Reclaimed Table (see below). The discussion will delve into youth-led innovation, environmental sustainability, and collaborative ideas for a sustainable future. Learn more by following IFRC on LinkedIn or checking the livestream link below. 


The Reclaimed Table for Climate Action is made of debris from climate-related disasters all around the world.

The Reclaimed Table for Climate Action is made of debris from climate-related disasters all around the world.

Photo: IFRC

The Reclaimed Table at the IFRC Pavilion 

To highlight the diverse and very real impacts that climate change is already having on communities around the world, the IFRC has built a table made exclusively from debris from climate-related disasters made from climate-related disasters around the world.  

Branches parched by drought in Yemen, planks charred by wildfires in Spain and a door ripped off by flooding in Germany are just some of the artifacts that make up the table.  

 Visitors at the Summit can scan a QR code that will link them to a web page that details the specific disasters the artifacts come from.   

On 6 December, climate activists are invited to take a seat at the table, symbolizing the collective endeavour to reclaim the future and brainstorm about solutions to the climate crisis. Please also follow IFRC’s social media channels to see who will take a seat at the Reclaimed Table during the conference.  

Tune into our COP28 livestream on LinkedIn 

Join IFRC on LinkedIn to catch livestreams featuring discussions with climate leaders from the Red Cross and Red Crescent network throughout COP28. To ensure you receive a notification when we are LIVE, make sure you are following IFRC on LinkedIn.

Speakers will take on conference daily themes such as health, humanitarian relief and recovery, industry, the impact on indigenous peoples, urbanization, agriculture and water, to name just a few. 

Join the conversation on social media   

Engage with IFRC on social media and please share using the hashtag #ReclaimOurFutureCOP28 




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