ESSN Focus Group Discussion analysis report June 2023

On 6 February 2023, the South-East Anatolian region of Türkiye experienced two significant earthquakes which claimed more than 50,000 lives. Approximately three million people had to relocate, resulting in high levels of internal movement within the country.

Along with the host community, earthquakes severely impacted the living conditions of refugees in Türkiye. More than 2 million refugees under international protection (IP) and temporary protection (TP) used to reside in the 11 provinces affected by the earthquakes.

This report provides an analysis of focus group discussions conducted in May 2023. It aimed to explore:

  • Changes in the household compositions of refugees because of earthquakes and internal movements.
  • Changes in the living conditions of refugees in terms of access to basic needs such as health and education services, household expenditure and livelihood opportunities.
  • Observations of refugees on demographic changes in their neighbourhoods.
  • Perspectives of refugees on the future of the situation.

Respondents were selected among those who have been hosting a family from the earthquake region or who have left their homes because of the earthquake and currently residing with a family outside of the earthquake region. Of the 39 respondents who participated in the focus group discussions, 36 of them were receiving cash assistance via the Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) Programme.

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