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23/04/2019 | Basic page


All information contained in this web site is Copyright © The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. All rights reserved. ...

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29/11/2021 | Basic page

Data protection

Data protection, digital literacy and data responsibility are vital to the IFRC's work—especially as more and more people around the world start using digital technologies. Our Data Protection Office works closely with teams across our global network...

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10/12/2019 | Article

Exploring Digital insights with DNV GL

What does digital transformation mean for humanitarian organizations like the IFRC and National Societies? For the past year, we’ve collaborated with the Norwegian Red Cross and their partner, DNV GL, to explore the “state of digital transformation” ...

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03/12/2019 | Article

Community Level Data – Malawi Red Cross example

What does it mean to localize humanitarian response? How can we practically strengthen and support data skills and workflows at the most local level? Digital transformation is cited as part of our Strategy 2030 - considering and shifting people, cul...

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13/11/2019 | Article

GeoWeek is here!! Join a mapathon

We love maps and community. OpenStreetMap Geographic Awareness Week is the most wonderful time of the year connecting humanitarians, volunteers and GIS experts to learn and share all about OpenStreetMap. There are mapathons around the world. FIND A ...

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01/11/2019 | Article

Decisions, Decisions

How are decisions made in the Red Cross Red Crescent movement? We invite you to share your stories about a decision. This brief interaction may take no more than 5 minutes per story. Each story provides a unique glimpse into the day-to-day activitie...

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16/10/2019 | Article

Launch of Excel Social learning online pilot

What can a spreadsheet do? Or, better yet, what can 100s of people do with improved spreadsheet skills? From the moment IFRC started the Data Literacy program, we heard from people every day that we all need to collectively improve our data skills in...

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30/09/2019 | Article

Everyone Counts Report 2019

Has the IFRC achieved gender parity? Which National Society produces the highest quality of data? Who are the people behind the data? The 2019 edition of the Everyone Counts report explores the potential of data to tell stories about National Societi...

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06/05/2019 | Article

Volunteers on a Data Literacy journey

Volunteers are the heart of the Red Cross Red Crescent movement. Many volunteers are leaders in data skills while others are on a learning journey. One of our main goals this year is to support data literacy activities with National Societies by loca...

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01/04/2019 | Article

Mapping for Cyclone Idai

Volunteers, we need your help! The needs of field teams responding to Cyclone Idai change every day as new information comes in about the disaster and the needs of the affected communities. This is a critical time in the lives of thousands, and we th...

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13/03/2019 | Article

Building a Data Culture: Data Literacy User Group

Join the next Data Literacy User Group online meetingYou spoke and we listened. We’re excited to talk and share with you again. Our next Data Literacy Consortium call will be focused on best practices. We will hear from experts researching, advising ...

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21/02/2019 | Article

How are volunteers using data across the IFRC?

Volunteers at the heart of all we do at the Red Cross Red Crescent. Around the world many are engaged in mobile data programs or other technical workflows. We are reimagining volunteering and considering how we can build on our network strength to im...

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12/02/2019 | Article

Convening a Data Literacy Consortium

Data literacy is a team sport. How can organizations improve their data readiness? How can we upskill in the humanitarian sector? As part of Humanitarian Network Partnership Week, IFRC and the Centre for Humanitarian Data (represented by Javier Teran...

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