Governing Board

The Governing Board governs the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) between each General Assembly. It is responsible for delivering the overall direction and policy of the IFRC and meets at least twice a year.

Main functions of the Governing Board

The functions of the IFRC Governing Board are outlined in Article 23 of our Constitution. They include:

  • Interpreting the decisions of the General Assembly, advising the President and giving guidance and support to the Secretary General in implementing the decisions of the General Assembly
  • Submitting advice and proposals to the General Assembly, including the provisional agenda
  • Appointing the Secretary General and approving the selection of candidates for Under Secretaries General and Directors
  • Reviewing and making recommendations on financial reports presented by the Commissions
  • Provisionally admitting new National Societies within the IFRC
  • Deciding upon sanctions, as recommended by the Compliance and Mediation Committee

Members of the Governing Board

How members are elected

Elections and appointments to the Governing Board are a matter internal to the IFRC and its member National Societies, not involving States, as per the Electoral Standards which govern them. Our statutes also include a requirement for fair geographical distribution and equitable gender balance in our governance.