Capacity Building Fund

The IFRC's Capacity Building Fund is an agile, flexible and easy-to-access mechanism for addressing acute and time-bound needs of National Societies. Support is gradually expanded building on achieved developments.

About the fund

The IFRC's Capacity Building Fund (CBF) was initially set up in 2000 to support National Societies with their ongoing development. In 2020, we reengineered the fund to increase our support to National Societies' emerging development needs in line with the seven transformations in our Strategy 2030.

The new CBF is open to all National Societies, at any time, and is designed to support four specific development priorities:

  • Integrity, transparency and accountability
  • Financial sustainability
  • Youth and volunteering development
  • Systems development and digital transformation

The amount of an allocated grant per application is limited, but there is no cap on the number of applications a National Society can make. This allows for a results-based and phased approach to their development. And we have designed our systems in a way that can allow for quick processing of applications, decisions about grants and release of funds.

How is the fund resourced and managed?

The CBF is made up of substantial allocations from the IFRC's unrestricted reserves as seed funding, which we hope to top up with additional donations from our partners as National Societies begin to demonstrate results.

The fund is managed by the IFRC's Under Secretary General for National Society Development and Operations Coordination, who is ultimately accountable for the proper use of funds. We have also established a CBF office to support the fund's administration and a dedicated committee to review proposals.

More information

If you are from a National Society and would like more information about the CBF, you can find lots of related resources and guidance on Fednet.

For general enquiries, or if you or your organization is interested in contributing to the fund, please contact