Youth in Europe

The Red Cross Red Crescent European Youth Network (EYN) has empowered and connected young people across the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement since 1975.

About the European Youth Network

The European Youth Network connects more than 800,000 volunteers across 54 member countries in Europe and Central Asia. It facilitates sharing of good practices, exchange of experiences and advocates on behalf of its members.

The network works closely with the IFRC Youth Commission and operates as a coordinator and contact point for the European region. It relies on the active participation of a diverse group of Red Cross and Red Crescent staff and volunteers and is open to everyone interested in international humanitarian work.

European Youth Coordination Committee (EYCC)

The network’s steering group is the European Youth Coordination Committee (EYCC), made up of seven representatives directly elected by the members of the EYN for two years.

The EYCC is responsible for managing youth-led initiatives across Europe and Central Asia through several Working Groups. These groups focus on agreed priorities such as mental health and wellbeing, climate change, migration, humanitarian education and inclusion.

The current elected members of the EYCC for 2021-2023 are:

  • Rui Cancela, Portuguese Red Cross (Chair)
  • Eva Croon, German Red Cross (Vice Chair)
  • Balazs Beda, Hungarian Red Cross
  • Emilia Kitsiou, Cyprus Red Cross
  • Stef Smits, Netherlands Red Cross
  • Preziosa Ventriglia, Italian Red Cross
  • Iva Vrebac, Croatian Red Cross

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