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05/12/2022 | Article

International Volunteer Day 2022: Believe in the power of kindness

Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers are everywhere.You’ll find them in your street, in your local community, in every corner of the world.You may even be one of them. Every day, our millions of volunteers bring kindness to those who need it—no matter who or where they are. Whether it’s by offering a hot drink or food, Listening to someone and supporting their mental wellbeing, Delivering essential supplies or cash to remote communities, Giving or teaching lifesaving first aid, Offering people on the move a safe space to rest, Or helping communities adapt to climate change. Acts of kindness like these, even if they sometimes feel small, make a huge difference to the lives of people in crisis. Because kindness is powerful.And kindness is contagious—one small act can lead to another, and another, and another. "Throughout the year, our millions of volunteers have been bringing hope and help to hundreds of millions of people around the world." Jagan Chapagain IFRC Secretary General At the IFRC, we believe in our volunteers. We believe in the power of kindness. Humanity, our first Principle, starts with kindness. And we believe we can all #BeHumanKind. "I want to thank our Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteerswho are responding to every emergency, in every corner of the world, also in this very moment." Francesco Rocca IFRC President On International Volunteer Day, as with every other day of the year, we deeply thank our incredible, unstoppable volunteers. You are appreciated. You are supported. You are valued.

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23/03/2022 | Basic page

Heat Action Day

Climate change is turning up the heat around the world. But together, we can #BeatTheHeat! Heat Action Day on 2 June is a global day for raising awareness of heat risks and sharing simple ways to #BeatTheHeat.

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29/10/2021 | Basic page

International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day takes place every year on 5 December. It's an opportunity to celebrate and thank people all around the world who dedicate their precious time and efforts to voluntary service. For the IFRC, it's about celebrating our more than 16 million volunteers engaging in local humanitarian action for global good.

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28/07/2021 | Basic page

Campaign with us

At the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), we understand the power in numbers in making real change happen. Discover our global campaigning priorities and how you can get involved—whether you're a volunteer, member of staff, partneror member of the public.

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