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08/11/2020 | Emergency

Central America: Hurricane Eta

Hurricane Eta (Category 4) hit Central America in November 2020 causing heavy rains, flooding and landslides that displaced thousands of people and left dozens of people dead or missing across the region. Just two weeks later, Hurricane Iota worsened...

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07/10/2020 | Article

The pandemic is not over

By Olivia AcostaAlexander Arauz is a 22 year old interior designer. He is also studying Business Administration in Rivas, a city in the South Pacific of Nicaragua, very close to the Costa Rican border. He began his volunteering with the Nicaraguan Re...

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07/01/2020 | Article

Community action against Dengue

In the courtyard of a health centre in Managua, Nicaragua, a mother and daughter share a supportive smile. Their expressions convey joy and confidence. They have just shared with us a story of survival and empowerment. Having had a very hard personal...

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