Global Climate Resilience Platform

Our Global Climate Resilience Platform aims to increase the climate resilience, and build the adaptation skills, of 500 million people in the most climate-vulnerable countries.

About the platform

The Global Climate Resilience Platform is an ambitious, multi-year initiative to significantly improve and expand the community-based climate action work of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies around the world.

It aims to generate one billion Swiss francs in global funding, which will be channelled into locally-led climate action and adaptation efforts. Its overall goal is to increase community resilience to the impacts of climate change and climate-related disasters.

The Platform will be co-created with interested partners and our member National Societies and aims to link different sources of funding across the development, humanitarian, climate and private sectors to take locally-led climate action to scale.

This includes exploring innovative financing options to unlock access to non-traditional funding, expertise and partnerships—because we know that to address the climate crisis we don't just need more funding for climate action, we also need new ways of funding our life-saving work.

The Platform's four targets for 2027

Focus areas

A Bangladesh Red Crescent Society volunteer uses a megaphone to explain the restoring the family links programme at their booth set up in Hakimpara Camp in Bangladesh in 2017.

Early warning and anticipatory action

A mother and her child speak to volunteers from the DR Congo Red Cross as part of an early warning system to monitor for Ebola in Equateur Province in June 2018.

Safety nets and shock-responsive social protection

An Indonesian Red Cross volunteer loads his canoe full of mangrove saplings in preparation for planting in Aceh Jaya, Indonesia.

Nature-based solutions

Countries of focus

Map illustrating target countries for the Global Climate Resilience Platform

Map illustrating target countries for the Global Climate Resilience Platform

Photo: IFRC

The Global Climate Resilience Programme will support work in the 100 countries around the world most vulnerable to climate change.

These countries span the IFRC's five regions of operation: Africa, Americas,  Asia Pacific, Europe, and Middle East and North Africa.

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Get involved

If you are interested in learning more about the Platform or supporting us, please contact our Partnerships and Resource Development Department: [email protected]