Community knowledge and awareness raising

Discover some of the ways the IFRC and our National Societies are helping communities learn about disaster risks and what they can do to reduce them and prepare for emergencies.

What we do

A group of young boys in Fiji hold up posters as they take part in a training session in their village on disaster preparedness, including how to prepare and respond to floods, cyclones, earthquakes and tsunamis

Public Awareness and Public Education (PAPE) messages

In partnership with Save the Children, we’ve developed key messages on a range of different disaster scenarios to support communities to stay safe.

A group of young children in Fiji stand in their classroom which has been flooded many times in the past few years

Disaster risk reduction (DRR) education in schools

Our Climate Centre and partners have produced a curriculum called Y-Adapt to help children understand climate change and take practical action in their communities. We have also produced specific PAPE messages for school safety.

A group of women in Bihar, India play a climate game called 'Ready' which helps them understand and learn how to respond to local disaster risks

Climate games

Games are a great way of engaging children on climate issues in a way that’s fun, accessible and meaningful. Discover the Climate Centre’s library of 45 climate games.

Tunisian Red Crescent volunteers practice performing CPR on a dummy as part of a first aid training course

First Aid mobile app

This useful app helps people around the world learn first aid through their phones. It includes a wide range of disaster scenarios.

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