Hello, world! Welcome to our new IFRC.org

IFRC.org is now available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic

IFRC.org is now available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic

A message from the Secretary General of the IFRC, Jagan Chapagain.

Welcome one and all to the brand-new website of the IFRC.

Whether you’re a volunteer, a staff member from a Red Cross or Red Crescent Society, a supporter or partner of our work, or a member of the public visiting us for the first time – we’re delighted you’re here.

While this site has technically been up and running since September 2021, today marks a special occasion. For the first time in our history, our website is now available in all four working languages of our network: English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

As the world’s largest humanitarian network, it’s only right that we reflect the incredible diversity of our membership and make our work accessible to as many people as possible.

Every page of this website has been translated into these languages so we can better serve our members and our audiences. You can easily navigate between the different language versions by using the drop-down button at the top of every page.

What will you discover?

Our new website is so many things.

It’s a news desk, full of the latest updates and expertise on humanitarian issues and emergencies.

It’s an advocacy platform for the world’s most vulnerable people.

It’s a stage upon which our 192 unstoppable Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies shine bright.

It’s a place where you can donate to the biggest disasters facing our world right now, or to the smaller ones you may not have even heard about in the news.

It’s a hub for learning – on everything from the climate crisis and community health to disaster preparedness and migration.

It’s a transparent window into how we work and the biggest issues we want to tackle as a network.

And so much more.

With this new website, we want to show you the power and reach of the world’s largest humanitarian network.

A big thank you

This new multilingual website was made possible thanks to the hard work of so many staff from across our Secretariat and beyond, and to the kind support of the Kuwait Red Crescent, French Red Cross and Spanish Red Cross.

Today is just the beginning, and we will strive every day to make this website better, more engaging and more accessible for you: our audiences.

It’s a pleasure to share with you something that has been long in the works and of which we are so proud.

Thank you for reading and happy browsing!


If you’d like to provide feedback on our new website, please contact [email protected]

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