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09/08/2021 | Basic page

COVID-19 recovery and vaccine equity

COVID-19 remains a global emergency, even as some countries have managed move towards a recovery phase. Around the world, responders and communities are exhausted by this crisis. But we cannot afford to let up on our response—many millions of lives...

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08/06/2021 | Basic page

The auxiliary role

Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies are neither governmental institutions nor wholly separate non-governmental organizations (NGOs).Their relationship to the authorities in their country is defined by their role as “auxiliaries” and by the...

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05/07/2019 | Basic page

Alumni Association

The IFRC has set up an alumni association for the thousands of dedicated colleagues who have given a significant part of their lives to the IFRC—whether at headquarters, on mission or in country. ...

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20/04/2021 | Basic page

National Society Investment Alliance

The National Society Investment Alliance (NSIA) is a pooled funding mechanism, run jointly by the IFRC and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). It provides flexible, multi-year funding tosupportthe long-term development of...

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16/07/2021 | Basic page

Youth engagement

Our aim is that young people around the world do more, do better and reach further—all while contributing to safe and resilient communities. To reach this goal, we believe that young people need to be fully and meaningfully involved in our programm...

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28/05/2020 | Emergency

COVID-19 outbreak

More than a year since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in January 2020, every aspect of peoples’ lives are still affected. Our focus remains on supporting communities to reduce transmission and save lives, while helping the world's most vulnerab...

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