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Discover our helpful tools and resources about epidemic and pandemic preparedness—on topics ranging from disease control to community engagement and accountability.

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Red Cross volunteers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo are trained in safe and dignified burials to support the response to a local ebola outbreak

Community health and epidemic control

Epidemics begin and end in communities. Communities are the first to notice when an unusual health event is occurring, and the last to stop feeling its impacts.

The Malagasy Red Cross conducts community-based surveillance work in 2017 to detect and prevent further spread of a plague outbreak

Community-Based Surveillance (CBS)

Community-based surveillance systems are a key step in improving the early detection and assessment of disease outbreaks.

A health delegate from the Japanese Red Cross speaks to a woman living in Cox's Bazar refugee camp Bangladesh

Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA)

CEA is essential to help us build the acceptance and trust we need to deliver our lifesaving work, including during public health emergencies such as epidemics and pandemics.

A medical worker puts on personal protective equipment outside a COVID-19 hospital in Bogor, Indonesia, run by the Indonesian Red Cross so he can safely treat, test and vaccinate people against the virus.

Disaster law in public health emergencies

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the important role of law in responding to public health emergencies.

A local business owner in Turkana county, Kenya stands in front of his shop. His business suffered due to drought in the area in 2017 and he received cash assistance from the Kenyan Red Cross to help support his livelihood.

Private sector preparedness

Epidemics don't just threaten lives—they threaten businesses, employment and livelihoods too. The private sector can play a valuable role in preventing, detecting and supporting communities during outbreaks.

A Portuguese Red Cross volunteer uses an iPad to manage data about COVID-19 testing in the community

Data readiness

Data readiness is the ability of humanitarian actors to use quality and timely information in humanitarian operations and programs—vital during epidemics and pandemics.