Typhoon Lekima heads for China after hitting the Philippines

Volunteers and staff of the Red Cross Society of China are helping communities get ready for the arrival of Typhoon Lekima, a Category 3 hurricane that has already damaged many communities in the Philippines.

The typhoon is currently located in the North West Pacific Ocean and has maximum sustained winds of 194 km/h, and wind gusts up to 241 km/h. It is expected to make landfall near Zhejiang (Eastern China). A red alert has been issued andfFlood warnings are in place for eastern sections of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River until 14 August. The provinces of Jiangsu and Shandong are also on alert.

The Red Cross Society of China’s Zhejiang Branch issued an early warning of yesterday and has provided the public with information on basic measures to prepare for the typhoon. The Red Cross is monitoring the situation.

The storm affected more than 17,000 households in the Philippines and caused flooding in more than 400 areas of the country. Philippine Red Cross volunteers distributed 1,200 hot meals to people in Ilolio, Zamabales and Davao; distributed hygiene kits to 16 families in Paranaque, and mobilised its volunteers to support welfare desks at evacuation centres in Guimaras, Zambales and Davao.

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