Disaster management

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24/05/2021 | Basic page

Supporting local humanitarian action

The IFRC is committed to supporting humanitarian action that is as local as possible, as international as necessary.Our 192 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies are the lead actors in preparing for, responding to and helping communitie...

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19/07/2021 | Basic page

What is a disaster?

Disasters are serious disruptions to the functioning of a community that exceed its capacity to cope using its own resources.Disasters can be caused by natural, man-made and technological hazards, as well as various factors that influence the e...

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12/03/2021 | Basic page

Disasters, climate and crises

The IFRC and our 192 National Societiesrespond to, and workto prevent or lessen the impacts of, all types of crises and disasters. We do so for all people, with a focus on supporting the most vulnerable.Our priorities are to save li...

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02/06/2021 | Basic page

Emergency needs assessments

When Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies help people affected by disasters or crises, they start by conducting emergency needs assessments. These assessments help them understand the extent and impact of the damage a disaster or crisis has caused, a...

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08/04/2021 | Basic page


IFRC GOis our emergency operations platform for capturing, analysing and sharing real-time data during a crisis. It helps our networkbetter meet the needs of affected communities. ...

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15/01/2020 | Article

Mongolia bringing the law to the people!

The Mongolian disaster and climate legal landscape has taken big steps in the last decade, including revision of Disaster protection law and establishment of disaster risk reduction councils nationwide. The 2017 Disaster protection law and implem...

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