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17/08/2021 | Article

Young volunteers step up in Europe

By Ainhoa Larrea, IFRC They are young, they are almost a million strong, and they are leading the humanitarian response against COVID-19 in Europe. More than 850,000 young volunteers of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies across Europ...

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18/03/2019 | Article

Walmer and Walter: The Red Cross twins

These two brothers have everything in common. They say that not even the smallest differences, like hairstyles, will help when it comes to identifying them; if you are distracted, you could already be talking to the other without noticing; they can j...

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15/03/2019 | Article

Granny Ana and her favorite volunteers

Granny Ana is one of the most beloved characters in the community of Mirador de la Lagunita. Ana, with 94 years, cannot walk by herself anymore and needs the help of her family and neighbors when they visit her. A few days ago Ana lost balance and fe...

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11/03/2019 | Article

"I dream of a healthy and happy community"

At first sight, Maria Elena is a shy, reserved woman who speaks little. She can not hide her smile of happiness when she notices the arrival of Idanic and Marilyn, Venezuelan Red Cross volunteers who are supporting the community in the development of...

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11/03/2019 | Article

The joy of learning by helping

For Gladys, her experience with the “Children Affected by Migration” project has been rewarding. She is surprised to see how children express themselves, their handling of information about migration and the effect it has on them both directly an...

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