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23/08/2021 | Emergency type

Epidemics and pandemics

Epidemicsare an unexpected, often sudden, increase of a specific illness within a community or region.Pandemicsare when an epidemic occurs worldwide, crossing international borders and affecting a large number of people.A numb...

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17/08/2021 | Article

Young volunteers step up in Europe

By Ainhoa Larrea, IFRC They are young, they are almost a million strong, and they are leading the humanitarian response against COVID-19 in Europe. More than 850,000 young volunteers of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies across Europ...

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10/06/2021 | Basic page

Emergency health

The IFRC and our 192 National Societies striveto reduce illness and death, improve health and maintain people’s dignity during emergencies.Our emergency health team works to improvethequality, reliability, predictability and...

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28/05/2020 | Emergency

COVID-19 outbreak

More than a year since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in January 2020, every aspect of peoples’ lives are still affected. Our focus remains on supporting communities to reduce transmission and save lives, while helping the world's most vulnerab...

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19/05/2020 | Article

Dengue fever another blow for the Pacific Islands

As the Pacific Islands battle to keep Covid-19 out, and continues to reel from the aftermath of the Tropical Cyclone Harold, they are fighting another battle; Dengue Fever.More than 4,000 cases of dengue fever have been reported in both Fiji and the ...

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